PureVPN review
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PureVPN review conclusion

PureVPN is a relatively cheap option, especially in the long run, suitable for browsing simple, blocked sites and hiding your identity online. Speeds are anything but good, so accessing media-streaming sites might not be the best use case for the service at all.

PureVPN comes bundled with a pile of powerful features, way more than you'd expect for the price, currently offering users over 500 around the world which can easily be accessed through multiple VPN connection. On the downside, the Windows client has many problems and the connection logging may be a concern, but if you can live with these issues there's real value here.

PureVPN's site is newbie-friendly, so casual users have also a great alternative in this platform. There are guides for virtually everything and the few things undocumented are gracefully handled by the support team.

Customer support is fine and available 24/7, sales and technical issues.

Professional service but lacks lot from speed, they keep logs despite the facts they say they don't.

PureVPN did 'OK' in testing for this review. Despite being a service that is marketed heavily online, it fails when it comes to protecting user privacy, lack of speed, connection issues. Recommend you to try others as well, before making a purchase.

Stay safe!

User Rating: 3.0 (2 votes)

Some Features

  • Compatible with over 20 devices

  • Servers in 141 countries

  • 24/7 chat and email support

  • Advanced online security


Low price
Unlimited bandwidth.
Solid customer support.


  • IPv6 and IPv4 leaks

  • DNS leaks

  • Contradictory statements with “no logs” claims

  • Time to time a bit connection problems with their servers

  • 7 day refund is voided with 3 GB of bandwidth or 100 sessions

  • No free trials.

  • Overloaded serves might cause slow connection speed