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Trust.Zone is a VPN service provider registered in the Seychelles, which is not only a tropical paradise for tourists but also a safe haven for everyone looking for a high-quality and secure VPN service. This is due to the local legislation, which exempts the region from any mandatory data retention law. The service was first introduced in 2014.

The Trust.Zone client bears a keen resemblance to a smartphone app in its appearance and overall layout. The console features a combination of blue and yellow, with the prominent connect/disconnect shield icon in the upper half.

The lower portion is reserved for different utility tabs, including servers, status, settings, and exit tabs. The server tab enumerates the available servers and offers a list and tile viewing options.

Once you’re online, the status tab will indicate numerous useful information about your connection. Within the settings tab, you’ll be able to see who you’re logged in as, your current subscription plan, and the client’s preferences. The exit tab is pretty self-explanatory.

We like the general look of the client; it’s unobtrusive, unencumbered with unnecessary and confusing options and looks very sleek and professional. The client, however, hasn’t received any changes since 2015 in spite of numerous service updates. Not a reproach, just an observation.

Performance And Reliability

One of the most important aspects of a good VPN service is how it impacts your connection speed. In order to obtain a proper grasp of the matter, we’ve measured the connection speed on US and UK servers.

The results were pretty satisfactory overall. Yes, the speed drop was noticeable, as with any VPN, but not to the extent that it prevented online operations. Some customers reported bigger speed drops on other servers, as well as some error reports, so Trust.Zone will definitely have to look into that. For us, UK servers generally dished out better speeds than the US ones. Also, during our tests, we’ve never experienced any disconnects or similar issues.

Note that the torrenting speed was lacking, even though the connection was generally ok. The mobile performance was nothing spectacular, but again, the browsing was very fluid, without any disconnects and other potential difficulties.